Die schöne Müllerin

A staged concert of 20 songs, 20 stations on a bare stage, or a cinematic narrative of an apprentice worker-traveller trailing the 20 stops of an itinerary traced originally by Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert in 1823, in a song cycle which indelibly marked the genre as well as the Romantic movement in general?

Mezzo-soprano and performer Lenia Safiropoulou, under the guidance of the choreographer Tasos Karahalios, sings and presents on-stage objects of every sort, making up her own microcosms which sporadically appear and disappear, leading her into her own sort of catharsis. Focused on the voice, the body, the elements of nature and light, we follow Müller’s romantic hero along his journey. How many symbols and dimension can water, flowers, green leaves, a piece of fabric, two glasses contain? How to visually translate Schubert’s landscape, full of omens, traps, and lures, and looking like a card from a board game for four players, where the magical nature of Romanticism always wins at the end?
A performance arising out of the wandering hero’s rucksack, just like the story that arises solely because of his will, his reverie and the orgiastic, creative, but also distorting imagination.

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