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Bonnie Tyler - Chris Norman Live

Artists Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman will take to the Sani Hill stage for a one-off live performance on Saturday 22 July 2023 as part of the Sani Festival.

Sani Festival attendees will experience the lively marriage of rock and pop music this year watching musical legends Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman put on a spirited performance that will take their breath away.As indeed have all Bonnie Tyler’s hits over her decade spanning career. The Welsh singer recently claimed, “you’re only as good as the tune you’re working with and I’ve been very lucky with some of the songs I’ve had in my career.’ But it’s her unique and husky voice that holds these songs, and her distinct tone is undoubtedly the reason their global popularity still stands. In particular Total Eclipse of the Heart. Originally a number 1 hit in countries worldwide in 1983, the song took the No 1 spot in the download charts in 2017 when digital downloads of the track rose by 503% in a week post the solar eclipse.Pairing up with Bonnie is the rock star, Chris Norman. Having been performing since the seventies, initially as the lead singer of Smokie before pursuing a successful solo career in the 80s, the rocker now enjoys gigs more than ever: “I’ve been doing it for so long and I’ve got more experience. It brings a certain comfort to it and ease, which I didn’t have when I was young’.

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