EuroPride 2024 Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki will host EuroPride 2024, this leading event of the LGBTQI+ community, from 21 to 29 June 2024.


Persevere – Progress – Prosper
This is the slogan of EuroPride 2024 in Thessaloniki. It reflects 3 important elements, 3 pillars on which our movement is built.

Set in the picturesque city of Thessaloniki, events throughout the week and the two adjacent weekends will be held in a variety of venues such as the cultural space of the city port and the international fairgrounds, with festivities culminating in the EuroPride parade on the final day, June 29th. This parade will take place in the historical city centre surrounding the white tower, which will be illuminated in rainbow colours as a symbol of our community’s strength and integration into wider society.

See the full programme here.

In recent years, Thessaloniki has become a hub for tourism in Greece. With incredible weather, a vibrant food culture, some of the best nightlife, and a longstanding LGBTQI+ presence, the city has much to offer visitors. Since 2012, Thessaloniki has been home to its own annual pride festival, with an ever growing attendance that has reached up to 18,000.

Being a host of EuroPride in southeast Europe, we are determined to combat LGBTQI+ discrimination and provide a sense of hope for our community in the Balkans and beyond, and work toward making Europe at its entirety a safe and inclusive space for all genders, sexualities, expressions and all types of diversities.

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