Raw Museum

The exhibition “Mystery_29 Elefsina - Raw Museum”, the emblematic project of the 2023 European Capital of Culture Elefsis for the modern and unknown history of the city, after its first presentation at the Benaki Museum / Piraeus 138 with more than 5000 visitors, comes to Elefsina. From 14 December 2022 to 7 May 2023, the city's residents and visitors will have the opportunity to make a rare exploration into its mysteries and uniqueness, in a unique encounter of personal narrative and collective memory.

The Opening of the Exhibition will take place on Tuesday 13 December at 18:00. Mystery_29 Elefsina - Raw Museum, curated by the architect-museologist Erato Koutsoudaki, attempts to interpret the city as an Exhibit, inviting the public on a journey to the core of its existence. Photographic documents of Greek and international artists, lithographs, rare collectors' exhibits, and a narrative documentary of talking portraits in a rare journey through the visible and unseen Elefsina.

The second station of the Exhibition, at the Old Town Hall of Elefsina, will be accompanied by a series of events. The first one, entitled "The Daughter of Lepsina, the adventure of an ancient myth", is a dramatized narration of the myth of Saint Demeter based on the book by the French archaeologist F. Lenormant Monographie de la Voie Sacree Eleusinniene and is addressed to children from five to eight years old. What does the myth of Persephone have in common with Saint Demeter? A suitcase full of questions, an unexpected kidnapping during the years of Turkish rule, a magician agas, a brave lad, 40 dragons and a stork lead young and old alike on an adventure drawn from Greek folk tradition, from legends and from beliefs of the time.

On 4 & 5 February, dates of the Elefsis European Capital of Culture 2023 Opening Ceremony, opening hours may be modified.

Announcement: Due to national mourning, the exhibition will not be open from 1 to 3 March 2023.

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