Raise my soul

The Cultural Centre of Asia Minor "IONES" is proud to host the exhibition "RAISE MY SOUL"! This exhibition presents images and music of the refugees of '22, as part of the commemoration of the 100 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The exhibition will be open until Sunday 2 July 2023 in Volos, Thessaly.

The first generation of refugees who settled in the region of Magnesia after the Asia Minor Catastrophe faced significant challenges of adaptation. However, through their hard work and dynamism, they gradually managed to fully integrate into their new homeland, contributing to the formation of the region's unique identity. Their cultural heritage played a crucial role in this process, particularly through their connection to their places of origin, which they maintained through the music and songs they carried with them as refugees. The exhibition, located at the New Building of the Cultural Centre, focuses on four main themes: life before 1922, the Exodus, the loss and trauma of refugee life, and life in the new homeland. It explores the role of music in the individual and collective identity of refugees and its importance as a driving force of refugee Hellenism. The exhibition also delves into how the memories of the Catastrophe are recorded in the songs of the refugees and how these memories continue to resonate in the national life and musical creations of their descendants. The exhibition presents a compelling blend of photographic, audiovisual, and archival documents from significant institutions dedicated to preserving historical memory in our country. Additionally, documents contributed by local associations, organizations, and individuals enrich the conversation. These historical materials are complemented by lyrics and a diverse array of melodies, including funeral dirges, traditional songs and dances, Asia Minor rebetika, and modern Greek music productions influenced by the musical heritage of the refugees.

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