Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki / THESSALONIKI

New entries - new approaches

The Archaeological Museum of Thessalonica introduces a new kind of periodical exhibitions entitled `"New entries / new approaches", which is scheduled to be updated regularly.

For the first time, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki presents existing ancient finds, two heads of deities, under a different light.
Many museum exhibits face identification and determination problems and such issues have been the focus of research in many cases. Recently, based on archival data from previous excavations, research findings associated marble sculptures and other movable finds of unknown to date origin with the sanctuary of Goddess Demetra and Kore in Mygdoniki Letis (site of "Derveni" at Thessaloniki). The two heads of deities, Artemis and Athena, are believed to belong to this sanctuary (4th century BC and middle of the 2nd century BC respectively).

01 Apr - 31 Aug 2022
Daily 08:00 - 20:00

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