Myths and Symbols in Modern Greek Art

The National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Nafplio Branch, presents the exhibition "Myths and Symbols in Modern Greek Art (19th-early 20th century)" from Saturday 10 June 2023 to Sunday 30 March 2025.

The eyes of the soul | © Thomas Thomopoulos

This temporary exhibition features a collection of sculptures, paintings, and drawings that showcase the creative interpretations of Greek artists who have embraced, evolved, and transformed mythological themes into new forms of artistic expression. The exhibition opening will take place on Saturday 10 June at 20:30.
Initially, the reception of myth by Greek painters and sculptors adhered to the conventions of academic art. However, in the late 19th century, European Symbolism infused new energy into mythological subjects, setting the stage for the avant-garde artists of the 20th century.In addition to the artworks on display, the exhibition aims to decode the symbols present in mythological art and explore the values and messages they convey to contemporary audiences. Educational programs will be implemented to facilitate this exploration.All the artworks featured in the exhibition are sourced from the collections of the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum and the E. Koutlidis Foundation. Notable artists included in the exhibition are Ioannis Kossos, Georgios Vroutos, Thomas Thomopoulos, Konstantinos Dimitriadis, Georgios Iakovidis, Nikolaos Gyzi, Konstantinos Parthenis, Pavlos Rodokanakis, and Gerasimos Steris.

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