Marabou Project

"Marabou, guiding culture from the developments of the Aegean through our camera lens"
The Marabou project presents us through photographic material a journey that reveals the untold stories of the people in the Aegean islands, aiming to conserve the local customs, professions, but also traditions that in our times gravitate towards extinction. A visual narrative is created by images, words, music, movies, and events. Τhe exhibition starts on Saturday 19 June and will last until 18 September 2021 on the breathtaking island of Kythnos in the backyard of Margiora and you can visit it during the working hours of the restaurant.

Through the historiography of emblematic figures and at the same time knowing and honoring the island communities and the unique cultural elements as it actively deals with the local culture, the Marabou project creates a strong but unique social impact that aims to create a photo album and a series of documentaries, but also to cite the life in 78 inhabited islands of the Aegean through photographs and videos by Konstantinos and Petros Sofikitis.

The illustrated album, the exhibitions, and the documentaries that will emerge through the multidimensional journey to the Cyclades, the Northeast Aegean, the Sporades, and the Dodecanese are intended to function as carriers of a folklore identity but also to preserve parts of the life of the inhabitants and the separate character of each island.

The Marabou voyage untied its ropes in 2019 and intends to return to port in 2022. The project Maraboo is under the Auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

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