Falirothen. Between two worlds

The temporary exhibition “Falirothen. Between two worlds” (Falirothen means Coming from Faliron in Greek) includes some of the most important findings from the rescue excavation of the SNFCC in Delta of Faliro.

The need to present to the public an overall picture of the find contributed to the rationale of this small temporary exhibition. During the almost ten-year rescue excavation of the cemetery, the Ephorate of Piraeus and Islands made a systematic effort to inform the scientific community, as well as the public, through lectures, announcements, articles, and university seminars. Although the media have since focused on the discovery of the “biaiothanaton” i.e. of the violent deaths, the exhibition, on the contrary, wishes to highlight the real significance of an extensive, in space and time, coastal cemetery, offering images and data of the Athenian society mostly during the Archaic period, as a reflection of the vibrant life of the city in whose laboratory the ideas that led to political developments and eventually to democracy were forged.

The exhibition is articulated in 4 conceptual sections:
The two sections, with the main topic on the burial customs of Attica during the early and late Archaic period, focus on the objects that accompanied the deceased, as well as those that were part of the ritual for the care of the deceased on their final journey. The aim of the narrative is to illuminate different aspects of Athenian society through funerary traditions and practices.
A section is devoted to early Attic pottery with the aim of presenting some of the most important vases of the period, many of them coming from well-known Attic laboratories.
Finally, in the fourth section, three from all the burials that have been examined through bioarchaeology, were selected. This study presents the identity of the people who have been buried, narrating details of their life story.

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