MOMus- Museum Alex Mylona / ATHENS

Exhibition “Takis – Energy Spaces”

11 + 1 works compose the wonderful world of Takis (in the exhibition entitled "Takis-Energy Spaces" presented by MOMus- Museum Alex Mylona in Athens , until October 31st , 2021, in collaboration with MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art- Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and State Museum of Contemporary Art Collections.

The historical-milestones’ works in the artistic course of the international Greek artist, the Flower (1978), the Sonic (1965) the Girl (1976) the Boy (1976), the Signal (1974), the Musical (1977) among others, are all part of the donation of Alexandros Iolas to the then Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, which are permanently exhibited on the premises of the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, are next to the video and photographic depiction of the emblematic works of Gong (1978) and the Telelights (Télélumiere, 1961), which could not be moved from Thessaloniki to the Museum in Athens. The exhibition is completed by the sound installation Music space 1 (2004), from the collection of the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa-G.I. Katsigras Museum, as well as archival material and photographs.

Together, they transform the MOMus- Museum Alex Mylona Exhibition Floor, a museum dedicated to contemporary sculpture, into an energy environment with epic and prolonged sounds that convey the elements of oscillation, movement, light, vibration, pulling and striking.

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