Kalamata Dance Festival

For ten days, from 12 to 21 July 2024, leading Greek and international artists will be showing their work to art lovers from all over the world. in the beautiful city of Kalamata, Peloponnese.

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The artistic program of the Festival will take place from July 12 to 21 and will feature performances on the Central Stage and the Black Box of the Kalamata Dance Hall, as well as performances in the Central Square of Kalamata and three cities in the Peloponnese region: Pylos, Tripoli, and Nafplio.

The program includes dance performances that blend various genres, incorporating elements of theater, live music, and digital media to tell captivating stories. The international artists participating in the festival will present their works and also teach professional workshops. They come from 9 countries, including UK, Spain, France, Serbia,  Slovakia, Germany, Italy,  and Mozambique.

The educational program of the festival is divided into three categories: training for Kalamata's dance students, professional training, and workshops for the general public of all ages, including those with disabilities. The workshops for the public cover a range of topics, including workshops for children and adolescents, parents and children, individuals over 50 years old, and a movement workshop specifically designed for disabled individuals.

Τhe highly anticipated Art within One will return, culminating in a vibrant dance battle with one-minute performances in the Central Square of Kalamata. This year, the event will take place on July 18 (11:00-14:00) at the Municipal Stadium of Kalamata, followed by the dance battle final at the Kalamata Main Square at 21:00.

Some of the performances that stand out:
  • Marco Goecke «Midnight Raga» on 12.07
  • Imre & Marne van Opstal « I’m afraid to forget your smile» on 12.07
  • Βotis Seva « Until We Sleep» on 20.07 & 21.07
  • Josef Nadj « Full Moons» on 18.07 & 19.07
  • Yoann Bourgeois «Approach 17. Opening» on 12.07
Check out the full programme here.

Admission to all side events and performances at the Main Square is free.

The 30th Kalamata Dance Festival is dedicated to the artists of movement, to those courageous individuals who have chosen the challenging path of dance, preserving one of the oldest forms of expression against time and decay.

Furthermore, the 30th Kalamata Dance Festival is dedicated to all the children, teens, and young people who may be encountering dance for the first time, those who already dance, or who dream of stepping onto the stage one day. The future is theirs.

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