An unforgettable cultural experience

Across Greece, there are monuments, museums, art galleries, festivals and traditional feasts you can visit and experience during your holidays. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Monuments are scattered across the country and they are definitely worth a visit. The most famous of the archaeological sites is the Acropolis of Athens, a hilltop citadel with the most iconic ancient Greek monuments, such as the Parthenon, that has become an enduring symbol of Greek civilisation. Ancient Olympia is the site of the original Olympic Games

Greece is home to numerous museums and art galleries that showcase the best of ancient and modern Greek art & culture. The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is not to be missed as it houses a vast collection of sculptures, pottery, and other artefacts from all over the country. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival welcomes visitors to the country’s ancient theatres and hosts international artists every summer since 1955. The traditional feasts (panigiria) will give you a glimpse of Greek folklore and art; you will be impressed by the colourful costumes, the jewellery and lively dances performed usually on the occasion of religious local feasts. You can join in and dance along! 

Fun Fact
Τhe concept of democracy developed in Athens around the 6th century BC. The Greek word demokratia (δημοκρατία) means “the power of the people”.

Cultural Venues


Tips for your Trips


Museum cafés in Athens

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies and lush gardens, properly adjusted to give you a rest before or after your visit to the museums of the Greek capital.

A delicious visit to Thessaloniki's museums

Thessaloniki's Museums with their breathtaking views over the Thermaikos golf or their beautiful green gardens, promise to offer you relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits.

Tower towns in Greece

Beautifully preserved stone-built settlements and fortified towns spread all over Greece form a harmonious combination of local architecture and western influences.