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Exploring Greece

Greece is commonly known as the birthplace of western civilization, the land of the Gods and Goddesses and the home of Greek Mythology. Athens Visit the National Archaeological Museum, which has the best collection of ancient artefacts dated since B.C. and walked around Ermou Street (the shopping district). Take a bus/train from the airport to Athens. It’s cheap, convenient and fast. Santorini I recommend that you stay in Oia whenever you plan to visit Santorini. It’s the most beautiful town in the island. You can stay in traditional cave houses, they normally offer a very good accommodation with daily breakfast and the location is unbeatable for its price. We are very fortunate that our cave house is just 1 minute walk from the Oia Castle Ruins which is the best sunset spot in Santorini. Many tourists are having wine while waiting for the “golden hour” to pass. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Couples kissed, everyone else applauded after watching this beautiful show of nature. We bought most of the souvenirs in Fira (capital of the island) because the prices are cheaper than Oia. Do not miss Greek yogurt with honey. Also try Gyros to take away, its one of the most popular greek dishes, really delicious and cheap. From Athens, alternatively you can take the ferries to visit the islands, which is cheaper but you will have longer travel time. Have a seafood dinner at Ammoudi bay. This is optional but if you can, tip generously, most places are not charging much for their service and the crew are not getting that much for their days work, they deserve some extra. Mykonos You can take a ferry from Piraeus port (near Athens) to Mykonos which is a cheaper option but again this will consume much of your precious time. I rented a quad bike so I can go at my own phase to see the best of the island. Yes, with my Philippines driving license they allowed me to drive a quad. Mykonos is a windy island, actually the whole of Cyclades is a windy place and this day was one of the usual windy days. I was just wearing a light shirt and shorts. Bad idea. Exploring around Mykonos town, you can see the Whitewashed colourful houses, small rock paved alleys and traditional Greek tavernas. Beautiful! You should see the unique stalls of famous boutiques all following the unique Cyclades architecture. Elia beach is very popular for nudist so prepare yourself on what you’re about to see. Make sure not to take pictures of nude sunbathers, respect your fellow tourists. It was a nice place to spend the rest of the day, golden sand beach, clear waters and cool breeze. Mykonos is well known for its parties, so I did not let it pass. Scandinavian bar is the most popular, but feel free to explore the other places, which are all interesting and unique. Delos is a nearby island rich in archaeological artefacts and history. It’s the birthplace of Apollo according to legends. Super Paradise Beach is most famous beach in Mykonos and well known for its crazy beach parties during summer. Make sure to have a full stomach when you come here, food is ridiculously expensive. You can also visit Paros and Naxos in the Cyclades Islands if you have a tight budget. Zakynthos In my sight-seeing trip in this island, the tour guide showed us the best places. We’ve also been to a mountaintop where you see the amazing views of the town to old historic Venetian style churches. The guide did not miss to show us the local life as well, where the Greeks are docking their boats, gathering for a barbecue and discuss politics. It’s amazing to know that there are 1 million olive trees in this island, more than its population of 40,000 and of course, we also visited the olive oil museum. article by two monkeys travel see full article here