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Why you should visit the Greek Islands

  Visiting the Greek Islands should be destination you have to get to if you enjoy fun, sun, relaxation, great food, water sports, boat tours, yachting, sailing, partying, and outdoor excursions. With hundreds of islands one can visit and stay on, not to mention the countless other uninhabited islands one can camp or take a boat trip to, the Greek Islands are the perfect destination for people who want to discover and enjoy Greek culture at its finest.

  Of course there are always some islands that stand out and have become extremely popular tourist destinations and for good reason.  

, the largest of all the Greek islands is a great spot for vacation. Crete was once the epicenter of Minoan civilization and is covered in beautiful and amazing archeological sites one can visit. It is definitely worth renting a car as it covers an area of 8,336km2. Once you rent your car, there are endless possibilities to explore, from the crystal clear turquoise waters of the beautiful beaches or a trip to the mountain villages and larger cities of Chania and Rethymno. I suggest spending at least a week on the island in order to have enough time to visit ancient archeological sites such as Knossos Palace, home to the mythological Minotaur, and to enjoy the beaches, surfing, Cretan cuisine, and the great nightlife the island has to offer. Don't forget to drink some Cretan Raki, similar to Ouzo but unique to the island…it packs quite a punch!

  Santorini Island is one of Cycladic Islands located the Aegean Sea. The island takes your breath away the moment your ferryboat reaches closer and closer to the port. All the towns and villages are built high up on the hills of Santorini and they cascade down the hillsides, each home, shop, restaurant, bar, and cafe perfectly positioned to create the most beautiful small towns. Every building is white washed with blue or other colored wooden shutters adding a splash of color everywhere you look. Santorini is known for its volcanic caldera views, black and red sand volcanic beaches, spectacular sunsets, and also its fantastic wine selections produced in Santorini. You can take a boat trip over to the caldera and swim by the warm waters of the volcano. An absolutely spectacular place to vacation, and notably a great place for romantic honeymoon type getaways! 

  Mykonos Island also tops the list of islands to visit in Greece. Since the 1950’s Mykonos has become a haven for the elite and luxurious traveler who is looking to really experience something exclusive and unique on their trip to the Greek Isles. Belonging to the Cycladic Islands, Mykonos is covered in white washed buildings and cobble stone pathways. Mykonos nightlife resembles that of Ibiza with the world’s most famous artists and DJ’s performing on the island every summer season at non-stop sunset to sunrise parties. Not only does Mykonos boast a fantastic nightlife for those looking to party all day and night, but it is also a great place for people to come and relax and really enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island.
 On the north side of the island is a place called Panormos, which offers vacationers a more private and secluded getaway with a beautiful beach below. The best way to enjoy this type of Mykonos is to rent a private Mykonos villa overlooking Panormos Bay. There are several options for those looking to experience the entire splendor, leisure, and luxury Mykonos has to offer. Mykonos is a must when it comes to Greek Islands!

Text by Margot Ninou

About the Author : Margot Ninou is from Athens, Greece and Miami, Florida. She grew up in Athens and received her bachelors degree in the United Kingdom. She currently works in the Greek Tourism sector.