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Dadia Forest

The breathtaking beauty of Dadia Forest spreads on a series of forest hills that are part of a mountainous complex with low peaks at the skirt of Rodópi mountain range. 

The entire area is known as “The Evros Mountains”. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, near the easternmost migratory route of numerous species of avifauna. 

In Dadia Forest visitors observe some of the rarest European birds of prey. The Eurasian Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus) is the officially protected species of Dadia Forest and the emblem of the biotope. The White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), the rarest predatory bird in Greece, and the Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) also nest here. 219 taxa of avifauna, 40 taxa of reptiles and amphibians, 36 taxa of mammals as well as an abundance of rare flora species have been recorded in Dadia forest. 

The area was announced protected in 1980 and includes two zones of strict protection which extend over 72.9 km2 as well as a peripheral zone around the aforementioned zones which extends over 357 km2. 

 The large core rocks are volcanic, while 95% of the small core rocks are metamorphic and silicic. The variant anaglyph with the several small and large gorges, the rocky formations, the small and large empty spaces in the forest, its natural fences made from various forest species and the farms with traditional cultivations compose a very remarkable forest scenery. 

The forest includes pure and mixed oak species (Quercus) as well as other broad leafed species and black rough pine trees. Its smooth hills are furrowed by several gorges and streamlets, the mature pine and oak trees forests are divided by small glades and are alternated with fields, grasslands and cultivations, while vertical slopes and rocks emerge here and there creating a dreamy scenery.

 Because of the area’s location it is also an important biotope for several serpents and birds. It is a junction of migratory birds and an ideal area for nest making. 

The scenery, the rich fauna, the abundance of birds of prey as well as the activities developing here make Dadia forest a unique place to visit.
An Ecotourism Centre, operates 500 meters away from Dadia settlement,  includes accommodation facilities, while an Information Centre leads guided tours.
An observation post is also located near the Information Centre.

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