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Strofilia: Τhe pines "extravagance"

In the northwestern part of Peloponnese lies a land blessed by the gods, the Strofilia forest. Like a line of pine trees it separates Prókopos lake from the Ionian Sea.

Sand dunes along the cost sculptured by the waves and the sea currents have formed Prokopos Lake, Kotychi Lagoon and the Strofilia Forest, an exquisite natural environment, and also a national park of 2,200 hectares protected under the Ramshar Convention and the Natura 2000 network. This unique ecosystem of unprecedented beauty and high ecological importance incorporates the values of Greek nature: pines, sand and the eternal blue of the sea. An exceptional mix of pines (most important species are Pinus Pinea, Pinus Halepensis and Quercus Aegilops) bushes and ammophilus vegetation inhabited by jackals, foxes, land and sea turtles, and birds of every kind: owls, kingfishers, moorfowls.

Taking the first step into the forest our senses are heightened. The rich scent of pine wood will enchant you. Close your eyes and start wandering through this unique Mediterranean forest.

The divine blend of pine, thyme, cedar, myrtle and sage aromas soothes our soul and revitalises our body. But do not stand still. Keep walking: beyond the pines, your eyes will meet the sand dunes. A western wind is responsible for this miracle. “Maistros” wind, the sculptor of Strofilia’s landscape, creates dunes with the characteristic north-to-south wavy form.The area is also a natural fishery for sea basses, gilt-head breams and eels. 

The third lake of the Strofilia area, called “Pápas (Pope’s) lagoon” is renowned for its fish. Legend has it that even the Pope – whom the lagoon took its name from – was catered with the famous gilt-head breams during the Venetian rule.
Strofilia forest offers also exhilarating hiking activities. Hit the forest trails to discover a remarkable variety of biotopes, and go up low hills, such as the so-called "Mávra Vouná" (Black Mountains).

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