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Mmm Mushrooms

In fir forests or alpine areas, in glades or in the hinterland, by rivers or lakes, there are hundreds of species of wild mushrooms growing every year. Collecting them, especially in the spring time, is like going on a safari excursion; its trophy is the mushrooms themselves.

Out of the 2.200 species of mushrooms in Greece, only 150 are edible. With a fine quality and a tremendous taste, the Greek wild mushrooms are a highly nutritious and absolutely healthy food. Proteins, minerals, and trace elements are there to be combined with delicious dishes and gourmet versions of otherwise common tastes.

There are clubs that organise guided tours into forests for those who wish to be acquainted with the magic world of mushrooms. Western Macedonia and, in particular, the area of Grevená, are the places where you will come across the widest range of mushroom varieties. Some very rare and extinct of them have already become a tourists attraction, not just for domestic, but also for international visitors.

Let’s get a closer look:

  • Morel: Marked by its conical or ovate cap and a network of ridges with pits between them, the morel is considered to be one of the most delicious mushrooms existing. It smells of liver or foie gras and it gives a hedonic taste to soups, sauces, meat and also fish.
  • Chanterelle: Orange or yellow, trumpet of funnel-shaped, it has an intoxicating, fruity aroma. It suits perfectly white sauces of poultry and lamb.
  • Cep: Smelling of chestnut and hazel and tasting of meat, it is held in high regard thanks to its low fat and carbohydrates content and its protein, vitamins and minerals abundance. Grilled or fried straight, it is also ideal as a co-star to fish, omelets and risottos.
  • Horn of plenty: This black trumpet has an exquisite flowery aroma and a subtle smoked taste and it is perfect with game meat.
  • Caesar’s mushroom: It’s a very rare type of mushroom with a divine taste of shellfish. Ancient Greek and Latin writers have praised these so-called “cock’s eggs”.

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