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Cosmetics from the workshop of nature

The history of natural cosmetics goes way back into the gorges of time to all the great civilizations. Our ancestors used to make cosmetics with balsam, myrrh, common lime leaves, and iris. They would also dye their hair with sage leaves and myrtle fruit, and spread oil on their bodies. Thousands of years later, it has now become a trend to use natural cosmetics and healthy beauty methods. The Greek natural cosmetics have earned a distinctive position on the international market.

Natural elixirs of beauty

Fruity and flowery worlds come alive into the natural cosmetics. Only nature knows how to treat your skin and that is exactly what it does with the made-in-Greece products. Use lavender and lemon for hand creams, orange flowers and rose for shower creams, pure olive oil and honey for mild soaps, laurel oil and rosemary for shiny hair, pomegranate and grape for glowing skin, and mastic with cocoa butter for tender lips. All the secrets of health and beauty are sealed in a wide range of products on the market. But did you know you can make some of them on your own too?

Use Greek nature's gifts to make your own cosmetics!

If you cannot afford to buy expensive health products or you prefer to treat your face and body with natural ingredients, here are some tips for making fine natural cosmetics on your own.

Lip balm

1 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp of Vaseline
5-6 drops of olive oil

How to make it: Put the ingredients in a clay or fire-resistant container which you then sink in a bain-marie. Stir until the ingredients have melted into a balanced mixture. Wait until your balm cools down and then use a small sterilized glass jar to store it in the fridge.

Lavender cologne

2 cups of deionized water
50 ml of raki
10 drops of lavender oil

How to make it: In a sterilized bottle pour the deionized water and the rakí. Add the lavender oil and shake well. Store it in a dark and cool place for a week before you start using it.


Shampoo for blond highlights

10 grams of nettle
10 grams of camomile
10 grams of mint
2 grams of lemon juice
2 cups of water 
A hair shampoo with no fragrance

How to make it: Boil the water and pour it on the chamomile, the nettle and the mint. Add the lemon juice and let the solution rest for two hours. Strain it well and weigh the final mixture; add as much of the shampoo. Stir will and store in a sterilized glass bottle.


After-sun refreshing spray

200 ml of deionized water
1 drop of eucalyptus oil
2 drops of lavender oil
1 drop of mint oil

How to make it: Blend the oils together in the water, stir well and just spray!

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