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In Greece there are many exceptionally beautiful gorges scattered throughout various parts of the country, both on the mainland as well as on the islands. The limestones in the mountains helped to create them from rainwater and from snow that had melted. Rare wildflowers sprouted from the inaccessible walls of the gorges, while many birds found safe places to build their nests.


Whether it is small or large, it is still admired by the sightseer who can cross it through a combination of hiking, climbing, descending rocks, crossing rivers and swimming or even diving into the water from above when he encounters a waterfall. Canyoning is an exciting sport that is continuously winning over more and more fanatics. 

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Voraikos Gorge

VORAIKOS RIVER GORGE. Its starting point is located 2km from Diakofto and continues for 20km up to Kalavryta. Nest to it passes the railway Kalavryta-Diakofto. Its narrowest point is located few km...

Lousios Gorge

Lousios is affluent of Alfeios river and springs from Karkalou plateau. Its dashing waters created a gorge that reaches 5km and took its name from it. It is located in the area between Stemnitsa and...

A trip through the Samaria Gorge

- Let’s set off from the northern entrance to the gorge at Xylóskalo and follow the path as far as the old settlement of Samariá. The route continues parallel with the river which flows through the...
Chania Gorges

Apart from the imposing Samaria Gorge, Chania area includes several more gorges which are smaller in size, but as beautiful as the aforementioned. Their crossing constitutes a unique experience for...
Discovering the natural wealth of the gorge of Samaria

As they walk through the gorge, visitors are often stunned by the dense vegetation around them: towering pine trees and ancient cypress trees with massive horizontal branches stand proud on the...
Samaria Gorge

Crete gazes at the Mediterranean Sea. Do the same! White Mountains’ National Park is the only national park in Crete. It centres around the Samariá gorge, at an altitude of 1,200m and continues...

Arinis Gorge

Situated in the territory of the municipality of Zaharo in Ilia, the gorge of Arini shares its name with the small village that lies 2km away. Ran through by the river of Anigro, the 4km long gorge...

Vikos gorge

VIKOS GORGE. The gorge begins 600m after Monodendri village and constitutes a true natural monument. Its overall length exceeds 30km (Tselepovo-Kleidonia). Its depth varies. In Monodendri it reaches...

Kourtaliotiko Gorge

THE IMPOSING KOURTALIOTIKO GORGE, is narrow and has wild beauty. Its slopes are full of caves and springs. When the wind blows you can hear clapping sounds – in the local dialect they are called...

Acherontas Narrows

Gliki is built on the banks of Acherontas, the natural boarder of Thesprotia and Preveza prefectures, and is a quiet base for starting your trips to Soulio villages and Acherontas area. From Gliki...
Kalama Narrows

The gorge (or the “narrows”) of Kalama have entered the network Natura 2000 due to its rich flora and fauna and the beautiful scenery.On the gorge’s entrance and exit, the two ancient Osntina and...
Laggavitsa narrows

Laggavitsa is affluent of Kalamas river and wells out of Mourgkana mountain. Its springs are full of water even during summer and were named “mana tou nerou" (“mother of water") by the...

Straits of Rentina

The straits of Rentina is an interesting destination. A lush green gorge will lead you to the traces of a medieval town. There is also a castle, the fortifying walls, the ruins of a Byzantine temple...

Top Gorges in Greece

Greece has some exceptionally beautiful canyons, scattered in various geographic regions, both on islands and in its mainland, offering excitement to canyoning lovers. The gorges’s tall and remote...

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