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Thermal Baths

Nature, other than endowing Greece with rare landscapes and special splendors, also gave the country resources with important therapeutic properties, and the result is that we now have natural mineral or spa therapeutics tourism. Natural mineral waters or spas are part of the country’s national wealth, while their therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times. These natural mineral resources are scattered throughout the country. These waters vary, while they differ both in their temperature as well as in their active elements. These waters are characterized as mineral water due to their temperature or their general chemical composition. Apart from cold mineral springs, there are also hot spring sources which are used in therapeutic treatment called spa hydrotherapy (thermalism).

The geographical distribution of these resources is associated with the tectonic events or volcanic activities in the greater region.

Hydrotherapy is particularly important in the treatment of multiple ailments such as arthritis and rheumatic disorders, and fall into two therapeutical categories: internal therapy, which includes “positherapy” (drinking of natural mineral waters εσωτερική), “eispnotherapy” (inhalation of the fumes or droplets of mineral water) and “lavages” (oral, nasal, gynecological), and external therapy, which includes “baths”, “jet showers” (the body is hit by hot mineral water under high/low pressure for a specific period of time), “hydromassage” (the body is massaged by water under pressure), “hydrokinesotherapy” (combination of balneotherapy and kinesotherapy while the body is in the water) and “fangotherapy” (application of mud that has “ripened” on the afflicted parts of the body).

Bath town Methana

The springs of the area are well known ever since the 3rd century A.D., when historians mention an eruption of the volcano. Therapeutic properties: skin, arthritic and gynecological disorder, as...

Bath town Kithnos

Therapeutic properties: chronic rheumatism, deformative arthritis, sciatica, myalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, salpingitis, endometritis, etc. Facilities: Hydrotherapy centre on the ground floor of...


A little after Psalidi is Therma, which received its name after the thermal springs which exist in the area. The waters end up in the sea while their high sulphur content has made them famous for...

Bath town Aidipsos

The power of nature at the man’s service Aidipsos is probably the most famous spa-town in Greece! This cute little town is situated in Northern Evia and is connected to the mainland by ferry from...

Therma of Samothraki

The thermal springs of Therma, Samothraki are located 15 km away from Kamariotissa, at the port of the island. Known since the Byzantine period, the thermal springs have therapeutic effects for...

Bath town Ipati

Peaceful resort in lush green surroundings, 18 km west of Lamia on the road to Karpenissi. There is easy access and good road network. Therapeutic properties: vascular disorders and syndromes,...
Bath town Kamena Vourla

The resort of Kamena Vourla is located at a distance of 178 km to the north of Athens and is one of the most famous resorts of Greece as its therapeutic properties have been well known for many...
Bath town Platistomo

It is located in lush green surroundings 6 km. north of Makrakomi in the prefecture of Ftiotida. At a small distance from the resort are the remains of ancient Fthia. Therapeutic properties:...

Bath town Kaiafas

At a short distance from the prefecture's capital Pyrgos, the mineral springs of Kaiafas are known for their therapeutic properties since antiquity. According to an ancient Greek myth, in these...
Bath town Kyllini

Seaside resort with beautiful sand beaches, 43 km north of the prefecture’s capital Pyrgos. Because of the special characteristics of the area, one can easily combine therapeutic with seaside...

Bath town Smokovo

It is located 450 m. above sea level in the mountain range of Agrafa, in lush green surroundings at a distance of 25 km. southeast of the prefecture's capital Karditsa. Therapeutic properties:...

Bath town Eleftheres

Located in beautiful, lush green natural surroundings 45 km. west of the prefecture's capital Kavala. Therapeutic properties: chronic rheumatism and hypoacute arthritic disorders. Facilities:...
Mud Baths of Krinides

The mud Baths of Krinides are located 18 km away from Kavala on the road to Drama. Clay and thermal springs: The amazing qualities of mud are well known in the region since late 19th century at the...

Bath town Loutraki

Loutraki resort is situated on the north shore of the gulf of Corinth and is widely known, in particular for the excellent quality of its water which is highly recommended for drinking...

Pozar Thermal Baths

Refresh yourselves in the birthplace of Alexander the Great Imagine yourself in a pool amidst steep rocks, natural waterfalls and wild vegetation. Feel the soothing warmth of the water (37⁰C)...

Bath town Nigrita

Therapeutic properties: drinking therapy for nutritional disorders, many forms of arthritis, disorders of urinary and digestive tracts. Facilities: Hydrotherapy center (currently being...

Bath town Lagkadas

Located at the northeast extremity of lake Langada, 19 km east of the city of Thessalonica. Therapeutic properties: rheumatoid and arthritic disorders, disorders of the peripheral...

Health and wellbeing in the land of Asclepius

Greece has a great tradition in health and wellbeing practices. The medical approach in ancient Greece, preserved intact in folk tradition, sees human as an indivisible ‘whole’; the soul, mind and...

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