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Other than rare landscapes and special natural beauties, Greece is also endowed with springs with important therapeutic properties. Spas or hot baths are part of the country’s natural wealth found in the periphery, while their therapeutic properties had been known since ancient times. The waters from these springs differ from other common water sources and are characterized as mineral water, either due to the high temperature or the presence of rare active constituents.
Hot springs are the basis for the therapeutic treatment known as spa hydrotherapy (thermalism). Hydrotherapy is highly effective for dealing with multiple ailments such as arthritis and rheumatic disorders. These ailments are traditionally associated with the elderly, and therefore everyone believes that spas are for the “therapeutic” treatment of mainly senior citizens.

However, the beneficial properties are much broader as they also benefit people of all ages. They start by improving appearance (concerns mainly the condition of the skin) and arrive at the more generalized feeling of relaxation and well-being

Fourteen (14) hydro-therapeutic centers (owned by G.N.T.O.) annually treat around 100,000 persons, with 1,400,000 therapeutic treatments (baths, etc), while dozens of other spas operated by local authorities offer modern high-quality services to visitors.In addition, spa centers with state of the art facilities and specialized staff van be found in the majority of the five-star hotels, while other spas can usually be found in Athens or Thessaloniki. These spas provide the contemporary visitor with the relaxation, revitalization and beauty services that he/she requests.

Thermal Spas-METHANA


Thermal Spas-Kythnos


Thermal Baths of Thermia

The thermal spas of Thermia are located 73 km away from Drama on the road lnking Drama to Paranesti and Fraktos Forest. The thermal spring is located 25 km to the north of the town of Paranesti, at...

Therma of Samothraki

The thermal springs of Therma, Samothraki are located 15 km away from Kamariotissa, at the port of the island. Known since the Byzantine period, the thermal springs have therapeutic effects for...

Thermal Spas-IPATI


Thermal Spas-KAIAFAS

Thermal Spas-KYLLINI



Eleftheres Spas

The Eleftheres Spas are located 43 km before Kavala, on the national road linking Thessaloniki to Kavala. The abundant and hot mineral water spurting in the area has been used since the Roman period....
Mud Baths of Krinides

The mud Baths of Krinides are located 18 km away from Kavala on the road to Drama. Clay and thermal springs: The amazing qualities of mud are well known in the region since late 19th century at the...

Thermal Spas-IKARIAS

Prefecture : IKARIA Owner: Municipality of St....

Thermal Spas-NIGRITA


Thermal Spas-LAGKADAS


Health and wellbeing in the land of Asclepius

Greece has a great tradition in health and wellbeing practices. The medical approach in ancient Greece, preserved intact in folk tradition, sees human as an indivisible ‘whole’; the soul, mind and...

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