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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 19/5/2020

Greece is preparing to welcome you again

The Greek government proceeds gradually to lift the measures taken for the halt of the spread of Covid-19 throughout Greece and guiding the country to its normal state while getting ready to welcome you back.

I want to travel to Greece. Can I?

All flight connections within the EU continue as usual with some exceptions such as Flights to/from Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands are suspended until 31st May 2020. Flights to/from Albania, North Macedonia and Turkey are suspended until 14th June 2020.

International flights
continue to run only via Athens International Airport (ATH) until 31st May 2020. Travellers arriving from non-EU countries will not be allowed to enter Greece until at least 31st May 2020.

Borders and ferry services with Albania, Italy and North Macedonia are closed with the exception of trade and persons of Greek nationality or those resident in Greece.

Exceptions include health workers; those with a long-term visa in a European and Shcengen country; those who have obtained a travel permit from a Greek consulate; government, diplomatic, military and humanitarian staff; and aircraft crews.

The Greek government has prohibited cruise ships and international sailboats from docking to Greek ports.
Α 14 day quarantine is imposed on any person entering the country. Measures are evaluated on a 24 hour basis.


I have planned to visit Greece by air. Will I be imposed a quarantine upon arrival?

For the time being, all passengers are subject to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in our country.

I have planned to visit Greece by car. Will I be imposed a quarantine upon arrival?

For the time being a 14-day quarantine is imposed to any person entering the country. All measures are evaluated on a 24-hour basis.

Can I travel by train, bus, airplane or ship in another area or island in Greece?

As of May 18th traveling is allowed in the mainland of Greece, Crete and Evia. Travel restrictions on other Greek islands will be suspended gradually in the near future, but for now only permanent residents or workers are allowed.
For air travel in the mainland, electronic check-in is encouraged and respecting the interpersonal safety distance in both waiting areas and while boarding; where feasible, passengers will walk from the waiting area to the aircraft or by using a bus where 50% capacity will apply; personal packages containing water, disinfectant and snacks will be available in the entrance of the aircraft or at the boarding gate, so that passengers can receive them without intervention of a third party. The use of masks is mandatory for the passengers and the crew throughout the flight, while right after arrival at the airport, the aircraft is subject to cabin cleaning and disinfecting, before carrying on to the next flights.

For transport by car, intercity or tourist bus and train the use of masks is mandatory, while traveling is carried out with a 50% capacity.

To travel by ferry is mandatory to screen passengers’ temperature, to use masks and to respect interpersonal safety distance at all areas of the ships. The maximum number of passengers will amount to 50% of the ship’s capacity abiding by safety distances upon embarkation and disembarkation. Furthermore, the ship’s cabins will host only one person, except for the cases of families or disabled persons with their companion.

I plan to visit Greece and I would like to travel within the mainland by train. Will there be rail connections?

As of May 18 numerous rail connections operate again. Please check rail itineraries in Trainose’s official website for the cities you plan to visit. 



Can I go on a cruise in Greece?

For now, the Greek government has banned docking of cruise-ships and sailboats with international flags in Greek ports.

I have planned to visit Greece by private yacht. Will I be able to dock the yacht to a marina? Will I be subject to quarantine upon my arrival?

For now, departing and docking of private and professional yachts is banned in all ports of the country. Stay tuned as measures are evaluated on a 24-hour basis.

Are there any rules applied for the use of public transport (metro, buses, cable cars, taxis) that I should be aware of beforehand?

As of May 8 the use of masks is compulsory on all public transports (metro, buses, taxis, private cars etc.). In accordance to the law, taxis/mini vans of 5 and 7 seats or private vehicles/mini vans can transfer solely up to two passengers.

For mini vans with capacity of 8 and 9 seats 3 passengers can ride the vehicles. Exception of the restriction is provided for parents with minor children. A 150 euros fine will be imposed on passengers that break the rules. Keep in mind that cable cars, such as Lycabettus, are closed to the public. All measures are re-evaluated, so stay in touch.


I have planned to visit Greece in July. Will hotels and camping grounds be open?

Year-round hotels in Greece are planned to open as of June 1st, while seasonal hotels/resorts are expected to open by the end of June. On the other hand, camping grounds will remain closed.

In any case, please note that measures are evaluated and renewed on a 24-hour basis, so stay in touch with our website.


I have planned to visit Greece in July. Will restaurants and cafes be open?

Initially, only outdoor restaurants and cafes will open as of May 25th. By government guidelines, tables will be placed only in the open air and semi-outdoor areas, with a safe distance between them. Maximum allowed number of table guests will be six persons, except for families with minor children. It is mandatory for the staff to wear a mask or a face shield, whereas it is highly recommended to customers to do the same.
Indoor facilities are expected to open as of mid-June. Measures can be modified on a daily basis, so stay in touch.


I have planned to visit Greece. Will I be able to visit archaeological sites and Museums?

As of May 18th, access to archaeological sites have opened to the public (strictly at outdoor areas for now). However, it is foreseen that as of June 15th 2020 visits in museums will also be permitted. Public is advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep distances as they are applied.

Will I be able to go to summer cinemas?

As of June 1st 2020, you can enjoy open air cinemas. Stay tuned for any changes that may be announced at any moment. Public is advised to use masks and disinfectants. A restriction in the capacity of 40% will be imposed so as to ensure a safe distance of 2m between the audience.

Will cultural events take place in Greece this year?

Cultural events are expected to start after July 15th 2020 and only in open spaces, while a restriction of 40% capacity will be imposed, in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5m between the public. Public is advised to use masks, disinfectants and abide by the rules for the use of sanitary facilities.



Will I be able to go shopping?

Yes, commercial shops have already opened as of May 11th, while shopping malls and outlets have opened on May 18th. The maximum number allowed within the malls is one (1) customer per 20 sq.m., while in smaller shops is one (1) customer per 15 or 10 sq.m. Consumers and staff are advised to use masks and disinfectants. In case there are electric stares, the use of elevators is not allowed but for disabled persons, for elderly people and for supplying stores. If the use of the elevators is necessary, then their capacity will reach 40% the normally permitted number of passengers. Distance between customers must be 1,5 m..

What will be applied for the beach, or parks and gardens?

As of May 18, swimming at sea is allowed as well as individual sports in open spaces. Access is allowed to parks as well. A strict prerequisite is the respect of interpersonal distance.

Can I go fishing?

Amateur fishing exclusively by private boats of a total length of up to seven (7) meters is allowed as of May 5. The use of private (non motored) boats, fishing from the land is allowed; the use of motor boats is still banned. Private vessels are not allowed to reach an island of the same or other Region of the departure port as well as overnight stay.

What will be applied for the visit in zoos, parks and gardens?

As of May 18 access to zoos, parks and gardens is allowed, respecting social distancing rules.

Can I go for a swim and enjoy sports?

Swimming at sea as well as individual sport activities are allowed in open spaces.

What will be applied for transition in private beaches providing amenities?

As of May 16th access to private beaches providing amenities is open according to strict safety rules. Private beaches have a capacity restriction of 40 persons per 1.000 square meters and 4 m. distance between umbrellas is compulsory.



I want to plan my wedding in Greece. Will it be feasible?

If you plan your wedding in an orthodox church the restriction of 1 person per 10 square meters will be imposed, in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5 m. between your guests.
If you plan a civil wedding, it is recommended to get in touch with the competent municipality or your wedding planner in order to get informed of the restrictions that are applied in each case. The guests are advised to use masks, disinfectants and keep their interpersonal safety distances.

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