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Seafood Delights

Greece is the ideal place for enjoying seafood and fish, with the great diversity of marine life in its sea beds and deep blue seas studded with thousands of islands. Greek fish are considered to be among the tastiest in the world. Shellfish is also a delectable option for you as their tiny tasty flesh exudes the scent of the sea. The ideal location for you to enjoy fresh seafood is a seaside taverna. So, pair your preferred dish with chilled ouzo or white wine; your dining experience will be enhanced by this plain and very tasty combination.



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The large deep sea fish are very tasty if charcoal-grilled with a generous sprinkle of lemon and olive oil sauce, whereas tiddlers are usually best if fried. There are other savoury fish preparations to be found across the country. A recipe called savoro fish is very much preferred in the Ionian Islands; anchovies with rice are a favourite dish in Kavala; codfish pie is prepared in Kefalonia Island; cuttlefish cooked in their ink is a local Lefkada Island dish; urchin salad is served in Crete: these are but a few tasty examples!


If you’re looking for a special and flavourful dish, try fish soup. The true Greek fish soup is called kakavia and it is known as the fishermen soup: this contains a variety of tiddlers, preferably rockfish, boiled in seawater with a cup of olive oil and lots of lemon juice added when cooking is nearly complete. A modern recipe for kakavia includes vegetables (carrots, Greek celery, courgettes, onions, potatoes and freshly cut ripe tomatoes). Seafood dishes are offered in a wide variety as appetizers too. Sun-dried octopus cooked on charcoal fire, saganaki shrimps generously flavoured with pepper, steamed mussels, marinated anchovy fillets with parsley and finely chopped garlic, fried squid, and other types of shellfish that are served raw with lots of lemon juice.

For your main dish, try the following seafood cooked with pasta and lots of tomato sauce: mussel giouvetsi (mussels with kritharaki – a greek type of small pasta), shrimp spaghetti, octopus with kritharaki, fisherman’s pasta etc.

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