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The SNFCC Christmas World 2018

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is turning once again into a winter wonderland. Light installations in the Stavros Niarchos Park, an ice rink on the Canal, three majestic Christmas trees in the Agora and much more comprise a holiday setting that will host fairytales, concerts, workshops, games and parties, as part of a multifaceted event program that has something for everyone.

At the heart of the SNFCC Christmas World, situated on the Canal in front of the Agora, is the SNFCC Ice Rink. Between 1 December 2018 and 24 February 2019, it will be welcoming ice-skaters of all ages.

The ice rink will be open daily, from 10am until 10pm, weather permitting. Entry is free, and visitors can book a 40-minute slot on Slots will open weekly, every Thursday at 12pm.

SNFCC is a major holiday destination for Athenians and visitors alike. This New Year's Eve, we look forward to welcoming you to our big and colorful celebration!

The night starts with a live broadcast of the traditional Berliner Philharmoniker's New Year's Eve concert and then Italian singer Mario Biondi performs live at the Stavros Niarchos Hall. Just before midnight, the party starts at the Agora, with a lot of music, ice-skating and a spectacular fireworks show.

Right after we welcome the New Year, 2019's first run, the 4k SNF RUN will commence, while Huey Morgan, frontman of the legendary group Fun Lovin' Criminals, will kick off a blasting DJ set.

Traditional Christmas delicacies such as melomakárona and kourabiédes as well as winter classics, including hot chocolate, Christmas cakes, piping-hot soups and many other festive treats, await visitors at the SNFCC's F&B spots. Keep in mind that on New Year's Eve food will be served until 3am!

This Christmas, the Stavros Niarchos Park is full of light and sounds, through a series of interactive installations forming a magical winter wonderland.

Four of these installations are presented for the first time in Greece, while three have been designed specifically for the SNFCC. The project has been curated by the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF). Explore the Stavros Niarchos Park, walk past or through the installations, discover the light frames, upload your selfies and immerse yourselves in a unique holiday festival of lights.

The installations are the following:
Child Hood
(Collectif Coin, France - Co-production: La Casemate)
Child Hood is a cloud, made up of a large number of luminous balloons, oscillating between numeric minimalism and a large kinetic installation. This cloud invades space as the balloons waft gently in the wind. Acting as the ultimate interpreter, an element of chaos is introduced into a meticulous light and sound composition.
The Wave
(Vertigo, Denmark)
01/12–07/01 GREAT LAWN
The Wave is an immersive 80-meter-long medium, allowing visitors to walk through and around the construction and thereby influencing the audible and visual content. The art piece consists of 40 motion sensitive gates 4 meters high, forming The Wave - a stunning interactive tunnel of light and sound. The content of the generative artwork is perpetually unique, consistently responding to the number, movement pace and patterns of the audience.
Everything and nothing is coincidental, when art collective Vertigo hands over the control of The Wave to spectators and let them influence and unfold the temporary room of art that is present.
The Wave was created to be presented at Ofelia Plads in Copenhagen, as part of the 2017 Frost Festival. It was commissioned by the Frost Festival and the Ofelia Plads Association. The work has been presented in Copenhagen, London and Liverpool, among other places.
Finish Line Digital Canvas
(ADAF, Greece)
Especially for the SNF RUN 2019 FIRST RUN that will take place right after we welcome the New Year, Athens Digital Arts
Festival (ADAF) has created a unique interactive and participatory installation. Finish Line Digital Canvas will display runners as they cross the finish line in real time, forming a mosaic of human bodies. As participants run to the future, ADAF will bring them even closer by enhancing their experience and imprinting them on a digital canvas that will mesh individual efforts into a collective body.
(Collectif Coin, France - Co-production: Insight Outside)
18/12–07/01 LABYRINTH
Globoscope is an immersive work made up of 270 luminous spheres. By means of this technological mechanism, Collectif Coin creates a digitalized recreation of the space. Configured in harmony with the characteristics of the venue, each individual point, each pixel in this landscape, is merged into an ensemble of sound and light movements that swirl through. Mathematics, sound and light are in this way used to represent, transform, and expand a space, offering the viewer a surrealist stroll.
The installation premiered at the Fête des Lumières de Lyon in 2014. Special thanks to Smart and Green.
Crop Circles
(Beforelight, Greece)
Thanks to Renzo Piano's ingenious design, the rooftop of the National Library of Greece forms a path in the Stavros Niarchos Park that leads to the Lighthouse. There, Greek collective Beforelight installs a series of perfect circles, juxtaposing yet conversing with the building's austere geometry. As these circles are placed within the green roof's lush vegetation, they form a mystical winter landscape, alluding to crop circles found in farms. This landscape is activated by visitors through the push of a button.
(Michael Davis, UK)
Illumaphonium is a dynamic and interactive, multisensory, music making installation - the first of its kind. Created by musician and inventor Michael Davis, the semi-acoustic, semi-automatic, multiplayer musical sculpture stands over three and a half meters tall and consists of more than two hundred illuminated chime bars. Each of which respond to touch, with ever changing patterns of light and sound, spreading out like waves over the giant instruments surface, bringing people together into a fun and spontaneous music making experience.
The installation has been shown at the Lumiere light festival in London, as well as in several other festivals in England and Scotland.
Light Jets
(Beforelight, Greece)
01/12–07/01 WATER JETS
Greek collective Beforelight returns to the SNFCC with two installations it created last year specifically for the Stavros Niarchos Park. At the Water Jets, an interactive work activated by visitors with the push of a button, releases a choreography of light, which, together with the dancing water generates each time a different outcome.

For more information, please visit the official site of the SNFCC.

The SNFCC Christmas World 2018

01/12/2018 - 06/12/2018

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