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Patras Carnival 2018

Τhe grand parade of the Patras Carnival 2018 (Sunday 18 February) will spread the liveliness, the pulse, the freshness, the inventiveness, the satire and all the authentic features of the great celebration of Patras.

The great parade of Sunday is the culmination of the Carnival gossip, the youthful momentum, the enthusiasm and the spontaneity of Patras, and people from all over Greece and abroad, united in an endless river of joy and extroversion, mobilizing the whole city and setting it in frenzied rhythm. Each year it takes the baton from the Saturday night parade, which is also called a footpath because the crews are not presented but only their members with their uniforms. The night, the lights, the fast flow, the colors and the joy blend together, giving a spectacular show that offers glamor and magnificence to the night of the last Saturday of the Patras Carnival. Participants and viewers are involved after the end of the parade to an endless festival that continues throughout the night on the streets and entertainment centers of the Carnival Capital.

During the top event of Patras Carnival, the Carnival float and the float of the Queen Patras Carnival hold a prominent position, while the crews and the carnival groups with their floats and follow. The impressive long-lasting parade, full of color, imagination, inspiration, creation and participation, includes more than 30,000 carnival crew members and groups, creating an atmosphere of great celebration to the whole city, and being watched by a crowd of viewers on the sidewalks, the balconies of the houses and the stands.

The days of the reverly, creation and joy are closed at the central port of Patras with the traditional burning of King Carneval's float. On a huge stage with special lighting and music there are separate shows and many - many dazzling fireworks stir up the crowd and lead into a wild dance - farewell to the carnival that is over. The appointment of the all-new Carnivalists is renewed for the following year, at the same time as the declaration of the end of the Carnival is declared the beginning of the next.

Youth, the central source of the Patras Carnival, makes it one of Europe's leading Youth Carnivals, giving promising fruits of rare creativity, inventiveness, humor and spontaneity. Especially the crews are preparing fiercely many months before they will present each year to the parade and they make it true with much love, passion, and mostly selflessness. Soul of the Carnival is the tens of thousands of people of Patras and visitors from all ages who participate spontaneously in carnival events both in official and other informal events such as dances, celebrations and private initiative in neighborhoods, clubs, homes, cafes, centers entertainment, etc. The satire, imagination, overturning, and patent are the main features of the city's carnival culture, which are being transferred from generation to generation as a precious asset for the future.

The Patras Carnival which started on Saturday, January 20, is not limited to the last weekend of the parades, but it extends creatively throughout the Carnival period with a series of events including Dances, Parades, Crew Treasure Play from Crews, Carnival for kids, Revival of traditional carnival customs, Amateur Theatrical Festival, street theaters, exhibitions, visual arts, concerts, etc.

For more information, please visit the official site of the Patras Carnival. 

Patras Carnival 2018

20/01/2018 - 18/02/2018

Hours - Comments
Dates: 20 January – 18 February 2018 Place: Patras

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