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Thermopylae Center for Historical Information

Today it is a quiet valley that descends gently to the Maliakos Gulf. In ancient days it was a bottleneck, a small stage set for a big drama. One day in the summer of 480 BC with the sun darkened by the arrows of the Persian army. The Greeks gained strategic and tactical advantage. They delayed the Persian advance for a few days, a betrayal, a battle that resulted in execution. A place whose name became synonymous with sacrifice and bravery.

Near the monument of Leonidas, 18 km from Lamia, one comes to the Center for Historical Information in Thermopylae, a first step of the Municipality of Lamia to achieve the integrated development plan of the area of Thermopylae as an archaeological park, as an enhancement of the first ancient Amphictyony and as a centre of international stature.

The center aims to inform visitors about the historical events and their importance by navigating through digital information surfaces, but also with 3D projection technology. After a short introductory film, the visitor wears special glasses to watch a virtual reality film which shows historical facts concerning the Battle. In the next hall, named "Thermopylae" the visitor can activate the screens of special interactive tables through touch and get all the information concerning the history of the Battle and the respective historical period, the causes of the Persian Wars, see the Battle of Artemision, learn about the protagonists and who the 300 were, about their armor and the strategies of the two opposing armies and much more in a way that is unexpectedly amusing.

Using the virtual reality application of the battle of Thermopylae and the military equipment of Greeks and Persians, our young visitors are transported to the battlefield and actively participate in the preparation of soldiers before the conflict. A museum educator acts as navigator and with the help of a wireless remote control directs visitors. Nowadays, it is important to know what it was that made the Spartans and Thespians stand there and heroically fight.

The Battle in Thermopylae is considered one of the most important battles of Greek and World History, showing virtues like bravery, self-sacrifice and obedience to the homeland.

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