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Bird wathcing towers

Bird observation posts are placed in all important bird areas. For more information and update about birds, you can visit Information Centers in all Greek wetlands of international significance.

Information Centers about Greek Wetlands of “International Importance” (Ramsar Wetlands).

Eleven great Greek wetlands have been announced of "International Importance" for preserving species and important population, particularly of birds, that are under extinction threat. The last few years, information centers have been organized at most of these wetlands.

Before visiting a center please first contact the Information Center in order to check the visiting hours and general services status


"Evros Delta Information Center" (Responsible Bodies: Association of the Protection and Promotion of Evros Delta, Evros Development Company, Evros Prefecture) Traianoupoli, 14th km east of Alexandroupolis.
Tel: 25510-61000 fax: 25510 -61020 e-mail:

(Thrace) Porto Lagos, next to the coastal road from Xanthi town to Komotini town. Tel/Fax: 25410-96646

NESTOS DELTA “Nestos Delta Information Center”
(Responsible bodies: Kavala Development Company, Xanthi Development Company) Keramoti, 45 km from Kavala. Tel/Fax: 25910 - 96033 e-mail: “Visitors’ Information Center of Nestos River Riparian Forest” (run by the Forestry Service of Kavala town).
Location: “West Nestos Forest Site”. You'll find the cross road for the center on the road from Keramoti town to Chrissoulopis town. Tel: 2510-247042 / 2510-461803

"Information Center of Kerkini Wetland" (Responsible Bodies: Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical planning and Public Works, Association for the Protection and promotion of Lake Kerkini, Serres Development Company) Kerkini settlement, east of the lake, 60km from Serres and 45km from Sidirokastro.
Tel: (23270) -28004-36663


Apollonia settlement, in the south shores of Lake Volvi, 60 km from Salonika.
Tel. 23930-41004 fax: 23930-41050

“Aliakmon-Loudias-Axios-Gallikos Delta & Kitros Salinas Information Center” (Responsible Bodies: Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical planning and Public Works, Ministry of Agriculture, Prefecture Administrations of Salonika, Imathia, Pieria, Regional and Local Authorities of the area, Development Companies of Salonika, Imathia, Pieria) Chalastra settlement, west of Salonika. Tel/Fax: (2310) -794811 / 2310-792293

“Salaoras Information Center” (Responsible Body: Salaoras Development Company-ETANAM) Salaoras hill, next to the road from Arta to Koronisia Ask to see live broadcast the settlement of Dalmatian pelicans
Tel. 26810 -74772 e-mail:
“Koprena Environment Center". Includes: a) “Koprena Museum of Natural History”, b) “Environmental Education Hall” and c) “Koprena Museum of Lighthouse”.
(Responsible body: Amvrakikos Development Company-ETANAM) Location: close to the homonym lighthouse on the road from Arta to Menidi
Tel. 26810 -69683 e-mail:
“Rodia Wetlands Center". Stroggili village (from the National Road Arta-Preveza turn right and take the road to Petra-Stroggili). It organized bird observation rows in the lagoons and manages the Information Center.
Tel. 26830-41219 fax: 26830 -41387 e-mail:
Aghia Ekaterini hill, next to Stroggili settlement.
(Responsible body: Amvrakiokos Development Company-ETANAM) Tel: 26810-74772 / 26810-69683 / 26820-89150. “Children's for the Nature" (Responsible Body: Amvrakiokos Development Company-ETANAM) Preveza peninsula, Neochori, 4km northeast of Preveza. Tel: 26810-74772 / 26810-69683 / 26820-89150.

“Acheloos, Evinos, Mesologi, Aetolikon Wetlands Information Center” (Responsible Bodies: Municipality of Aetolikon, Prefecture Administration of Aetoloakarnania, Aetoloakarnania Development Company).
In Aetolikon city next to the east bridge area.
Tel: 26320 - 24128 e-mail:

Kotichi Lagoon-–trofilia Forest Information Center”
Lappa settlement, close to “Kalogria” coast and the road from Patra to Pyrgos.
Tel. 26930-31651 fax: 26930-31652


Catalogue of Important Bird Areas in Greece
1. Riparian Forest of North Evros and Ardas
2) Asvestades-Vrisika area
3) Dadia-Dario- Aesimi Forest
4) Protected area of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli
5) South Forest Complex of Evros Municipality
6) Evros Delta
7) Samothraki Island
8) Filiouri Valley-East Rodopi
9) Kompsato Valley
10) Lake Mitrikon (Ismarida)
11) Porto Lagos, Lake Vistonida and coastal lagoons
12) Nestos Delta and coastal lagoons
13) Nestos narrows
14) Central Rodopiand Nestos Valley
15) Falakro mountain
16) North and northeast Thasos island
17) Paggeo mountain
18) Strimonas estuary
19) Kouskouras mountain
20) Lake Kerkini
21) Krousia mountains (Mavrovouni)
22) Beles mountain (Kerkini)
23) Lake Doirani
24) Artzan swamp
25) Axios river
26) Anthofito area
27) Lake Pikrolimni
28) Axios, Loudias, Aliakmonas Deltas
29) Gallikos estuary and Kalochori Lagoon
30) Aliki Aggelochoriou Lagoon (Megalo Emvolo)
31) Epanomi Lagoon
32) Volvi-Lagkada lakes (or Koronia, or Aghios Vasilios) and Rentina narrows
33) Cholomontas mountain
34) Aghios Mamas swamp
35) Nea Fokea swamps
36) Itamos mountain
37) Athos mountain
38) Tzena and Pinovo mountains
39) Boras mountain (Kaimaktsalan)
40) Apsalos and Moglenisa narrows
41) Agra Artificial Lake
42) Aliakmonas narrows
43) Aliki Kitrous lagoon
44) Olympus mountain
45) Lake Vegoritida and Lake Petron
46) Lake Chimaditida and Lake Zazari
47) Lake Mikri Prespa and Lake Megali Prespa
48) Lake Kastoria (Orestiada)
49) Grammos mountain
50) Orliakas and Tsourgiakas mountains
51) Vourinos mountain
52) Kerketion mountain (Koziakas)
53) Antichasia mountains and Meteora
54) Kalamaki narrows and Zarkos mountains
55) Elassona area
56) Tyrnavos area
57) Mati Tyrnavou
58) Kato Olympus, Tebi, Ossa
59) Peinios Delta
60) Mavrovouni mountain (Larissa)
61) Reservoirs of ex Lake Karla
62) Thessaly plain
63) Fersala area
64) Pilion mountain
65) Kira Panagia/Gioura/Piperi/Skantzoura islands (North Sporades complex)
66) Timfi mountain (Gkamila) and Smolikas mountain
67) Central Zagori and East Mitsikeli mountain
68) Vallia Kalnta (National Park of Pindos mountain chain)
69) Peristeri mountain
70) Lake Pamvotida (Ioannina)
71) Ioannina city area
72) Oreokastro, Lake Delvinaki, Meropi Forest, Gkormos valley and Kasidiaris mountain
73) Tsamanta mountains, Filiates mountains, Farmakovouni, Megali Rachi
74) Kalamas estuary
75) Kalamas narrows
76) Paramithias mountains
77) Acherontas estuary and narrows
78) Lake Kalodiki, Mergariti and Karteri swamps
79) Athamanika mountains (Tzoumerka)
80) Acheloos valley
81) Amvrakikos Gulf
82) Diapontia islands (Othoni, Erikousa, Mathraki and islets)
83) Corfu lagoons
84) Echinades, Kalamos, Atoos islands
85) Aghia Dinati, Kokkini Rachi (Kefallinia) mountains
86) West and North Zante
87) Strofades islands
88) Valtos mountains
89) Lake Amvrakia
90) Akarnanika mountains
91) Trichonida and Lisimachia lakes
92) Mesologgi and Aetolikon lagoons, Acheloos and Evinos estuaries
93) Aliki Aegiou lagoon
94) Barbas, Klokos mountains and Salinounta gorge
95) Vouraikos gorge and Kalavrita
96) Chelmos mountain (Aroania)
97) Erimanthos mountain
98) Kalogria Lagoon, Strofilia forest and Lamia swamps
99) Kotichi lagoon
100) Foloi mountain
101) Delimidi and Fteri (Agrafa) mountains
102) Othris mountain
103) Sperchios valley and estuary – Maliakos Gulf
104) Iti moubntain
105)Vardousia mountain
106) Gkiona mountain, Reka, Lazorema and Vathia Lakka gorges
107) South and East part of Parnassos mountain
108) Galaxidi
109) Megalo and Mikro Livadi Istiaeas lagoons
110) Kantili mountain
111) Dirfi, Xirovouni, Skotini, Mavrovouni, Alokteri and Ortari mountains – Kimi area
112) Lake Distos
113) Ochi mountain and the surrounding area
114) Nortwestern Skyros and Aghios Fokas islets
115) Kochilas mountain, Skyros island
116) Ziria mountain (Kyllini)
117) Lake Stimfalia
118) Artemisio and Lyrkio mountains
119) Divari Pilou lagoon (Gialova)
120) Taigetos mountain
121) South Mani, Sagias mountain and Tenaro peninsula
122) Evrotas estuary
123) Eastern Laconia mountains
124) Parnitha mountain
125) Schinia swamp
126) Imittos mountain
127) Sounio area
128) Falkonera islet
129) North, east and south Kythira
130) Anikythira island and Prasouda and Lagkouvardos islets
131) Islets of Limnos island
132) Chortaro and Aliki lakes, Moudrou gulf, Diapori swamp and Fakos peninsula
133) Aghios Efstratios island
134) SW peninsula – Fossil Forest, Lesbos
135) Lepetimnos mountain, Lesbos
136) Tokmakia islets
137) Kalloni bay
138) Geras Gulf, Dipi and Charamida swamps, Lesbos
139) Olympus mountain, Lesbos
140) Psara and Antipsara islands
141) North Chios
142) Venetiko islet
143) Ikaris island
144) Fourni islands
145) Kerkis mountain
146) Psili Ammos saltern, Samos
147) Central Andros
148) Northeastern Tinos
149) North Syros 

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